Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Wake Up Call: You Can't Expect Success To Fall On Your Lap

Hello My Crazy Loves!

I have a bone to pick right now so this blog post is sponsored by the letter L.


I "sponsored" this post because "L stand for Lame, Lazy and LOSER!" Today, as I was enjoying my day off, I received a IM that somewhat bothered me. An acquaintance hit me up to ask me about how am I doing in regards to college/work/life/etc. I told him I am doing good and how everything in my wonderful yet crazy life. I explained that I have my challenges but I am still grinding my way to the top. "Man but it's hard out here for a n*gga," he responded. "N*ggas gotta work to make it out here in these streets, ya dig." (Sorry for the ebonics, I am just telling you what he told me, ya dig!) As I was reading his response, I asked " I know it's hard but have you been looking for a job?" "No," he said." Well, did you finish up at school?" (Side note: I met the guy when I was in high school. I swear I had beer google in high school because HE IS SURELY A DUMBASS!) "Nah man, I really to get this music shit poppin'."

*WALK AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER AND BUSTED OUT LAUGHING!* After composing myself and I replied "So, have you been promoting yourself?"

After giving me a laundry list of excuses , I replied "So, you want this shit for free, then?" I guess that ruffled his feathers because I am still waiting for his reply. This is something that bugs me and I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

 I wonder if my people are stuck in the  mentality where we expect to get that quick fix of fame, satisfaction yet don't want it come to work for it and expect to get the same fix but not hustle for it. It gets on my nerves when I see people "blame it on the man" for their road block from success because it is not only just that; it is the lack of ambitious and hunger many people lack.

"Everyone wants to be Jay-Z but no one wants to grind like Jay-Z"

When will our generation learn? Just because you sing in the shower doesn't mean you're going to be sing on stage at Madison Square Garden; hell, I know that just because I write on a blog doesn't mean that I am going to be a  NY Times Best Seller overnight! However, if I work at it, I will get there!

So I pose the question: Does our generation lack the "grinding" mentality? If so, what needs to be done to be it back?

SMH! No disrespect to my homie but I'm just being honest. If you're mad, Welp, *Kanye Shrug*


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