Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy Music: Ciara "Rides" It.....

For a minute, I was a tad bit worried that ATL's own Ciara had lost her edge. Fans wanted the old school, grinding on top of cars CiCi. Her last album wasn't up to par and I, as well as many, felt that maybe the "Princess of Crunk" has lost her uutspah. Well, rest assured fans because home girl is BACK! 

Ciara takes it back to her old ways and deliver in her new video, "Ride." I am not going to front, this chick is BAD! I swear I am going to go on the ill soup and no Carbs diet just so I can get close to having her body. 

The video's simplicity is so dope and the song is catchy too. Check out Cici's new vid featuring another personal fave of mine Ludacris.

Fellas, make sure you have water on stand-by.



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