Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Grooves: I AM #1

What's really good Crazyettes!

I am not going to lie; YOUR GIRL IS IN A FABULOUS MOOD! I truly have to commend myself on my strive and determination. To some, this would make me "cocky" or "full of myself" but I realized that if you aren't your biggest cheerleader than who will be? 

Today, I had the hugest interview that I must say is the biggest one of my career so far. Anyone who knows me know that it has always been my dream to work in Sports Media. Therefore, when I received the call from_____, I was literally jumped around my house like a mad woman. As I entered the lobby, I felt confident and kept telling myself that "I got this!" I knew what I was capable of. As the receptionist led me into the conference room (who FYI was rocking shoes from Christian Siriano collection from Payless. Werk!) almost close to 25 applicants was there. *Heart drops*

Applicants from all over were there for the first round of interviews; people from England to France and California to Florida were there. I wanted to shit bricks but I held my composure and sat down waiting for the interview to begin.

As the small talk became underway, everyone begin to ask what school was everyone from. "Columbia University" "NYU" "University of Southern California" were just some of the school that were said. Then it came to me, " Iona College." After I said that, a girl from NYU (who by the way needs to learn how to put her clothes together; wearing a purple shirt and green accessories, hm) responded " Oh.......okay."

*Pause for reaction*

Now,  you might have read that response as something that is normal but it was her tone that peeved me off. Her tone scream "Oh, this girl doesn't have a chance; she's from a small school." I noticed also that other applicants in the room felt the same way because Iona is small and their school is PRESTIGE , blah, blah, blah.

To some, this might break their confidence. However, this is CrazyPrettyLady and I LIVE FOR BEING THE UNDERDOG! All my life, things hasn't come easy for me and I am always placed in the category where I am the underdog. I am not rich nor have I always been the popular girl but I'm a natural fighter and I always get what I want.

So, as soon as Ms. NYU made her remark, I immediately went into "Bitch, I got this so pack up ya shit because your not getting this" mode . The interview started and my charm was in full swing. Some of the applicants were surprised at my credientals and confidence. I know that they never expected  me to achieve the things I have achieved. They wrote me off as "no competition" and I love that!

After the interview, I was approach by the Marketing Associate and she admired my confidence( as well as my fro. I swear, I think this fro thing is going to be my signature. I've gotten so much love with my fro than when I wore a weave,lol.) 

I'm not knocking folks who go to big schools, not at all. However, what I will say is that no matter where you are from or what you do, it is your hunger and your self-confidence that will get you were you need to be. I could have gotten frighten by their comments but I believed in myself and my capability and now I feel like I nabbed a second interview.

So for today's Tuesday Grooves, let's celebrate the Underdog with this joint! And remember, The best role model you can have in the world is yourself so be your biggest motivator.




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時時刻刻抵抗誘惑,就是一種勝利。 ....................................................

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