Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wed. Eye Candy:To Freak or Not to Freak?

Buenos Dias Mi Crazitas!!! Como estas?

This morning, I managed to have an interesting conversation with my train buddy you happens to be my neighbor.

As we're chatting, she ask me who is going to be today's eye candy?( She follows my blog and looks forward to the eye candy post, like many horny women I know lol) I told her I will be doing one today and then she ask out of no where, "Do you believe in morning sex?"

*Pause for reaction*

After five seconds of making the question register to me, I asked her why she's asking me this. I mean, it isn't normal to have this convo with my neighbor. Hell, home girl knows my mom! I asked her if she believed in it(to reverse the question off of me) and she said no.


She says that's in the morning she is too "tired" and doesn't have the energy for it. Plus, she believes in the whole Lifetime Channel, love making nonsense.

Personally, not to put my business out there, I don't see the problem. I mean I do my ten minutes of cardio in the mornings so I know I would be game for a little "extra" with my coffee.

What do you guys think? Ladies, if your man wanted a little something in the morning, would you be willing?

Fellas, if your girl wanted to *cough* you while you're brushing your teeth, would you respond?

This might be too vulgar to say this early in the morning but that's why I am here...because I don't care and I think this is a valid question :-)


I swear, riding the 5 train in NYC is such a movie, lol.


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