Monday, April 5, 2010

Mean Muggin' Mondays: If Love Was A Blow-Up Doll...

Hello Darlings!

I had a FABULOUS Mean Muggin' Mondays post but Blogger decide to refresh itself and erase my post. FANTASTIC! Well, no need to cry over spilled milk. The show must go on!!!!

So for today's night cap(You like how I changed it up) I wanted to share with you my feelings on love. Now, now I'm not going to preach nor tell you how to find it; I just want to talk; how beautiful it is, how nerve-racking it can be and how much I love it! However,  take a moment to analyze this quote: 

"I wish love was a blow-up doll. I can have it when I want then deflate it when I'm tired of it."

*Pause for Reaction*

When I first read this, I immediately busted out laughing because I randomly pictured a dorky nerd bringing his Blow-up doll with him to his prom.( Don't ask me why it came to my mind and don't judge me! lol) After I tamed myself, I decided to take a deeper look into that statement: What if love was a blow up doll? I mean you will have it when you want it; it won't complain nor would get tired during "activities."

Many times I read people's tweets or their Facebook statuses where they go on and on about how they wish they had control  over their significant other to get their way. I know I am not the only one who has overheard a girl ranting about how " she want's this *expletive* to do what I *expletive* I want to do" or you hear guys say "This *expletive* should just shut up and just *expletive* my dick." (What?! I censored most of the bad words, saying dick won't kill you!) Therefore, many people would agree that they wouldn't mind if their lover can turn into a quiet, no-back talk blow-up doll. However, I poise the question, would you be able to last with this arrangement? Think about it. If your significant other was a "blow-up doll" meaning they never give you headaches and satisfy your every need, would you enjoy it forever?

 I mean, to be real, I think that's torture! I mean, granted I believe the male species is the most annoying creature on the planet from time to time but I love them, headaches and all. I would rather have a guy that would challenge me than a push-over dude. Hell, I love the arguments! I sometimes use to start sh*t with my significant other to get some. I am a grown woman and I will admit it.


I think that is what make relationship great! There isn't a perfect human being on this planet. So, why would you yearn for one? "For better and for worse", many people seem to forget this line when they enter a relationship.  I am not saying that being argumentative is healthy because IT'S NOT but a little debate from time to time makes things fun. Therefore, if you want a "blow-up doll" go buy one, don't expect a human to be one. 

What do you think? Do you wish love was a blow-up doll?

I don't know if I'd like the idea of that so I will deal with my hard-headed, stubborn, sarcastic bloak anyday :-) 



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