Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Tea: You Can't Always Get What You Want......You Get What You Need

Good Morning Boys and Girls!

In life, we are always taught to strive for the impossible. In college, people would stay up until the wee hours of the morning studying in order to achieve an A on a test. In our career, people will work hard in order to achieve great success.  In our relationships, people work to maintain the strength of their romance in order to have a long lasting love.

In everything that we do, we put 110% into it because we know that the outcome will be great but what happens when you put your all into something and the results aren't what you want?

I consider myself to be a modified perfectionist. I always want everything to work out the way that I want it to. I give my all into everything that I do but sometimes, the results aren't that great. Why does that happen, you ask? Is it a waste of time to put your effort into things?

My answer is simple: "What we might want in our lives might not be what we need in our lives." The Universe has a funny way of placing us into certain situations that we never saw coming. Students fail an exam.  People lose their jobs. Relationships break up. Friends lose contact with each other. All these situations might occur when we least expect it but in order for change and growth to occur, something drastic needs to happen. We are not "wasting our time" in life when bad things happen, it is the universe way of showing us to take a different path in our to gain want we truly deserve.

So, I challenge all of you out there in Crazy Land to never be discourage when things don't go your way. Everything happens for a reason so take the lesson that you learn from the situation, compare and contrast and move forward.

Namaste :-)



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