Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Tea: Hate on Me :-)

"I asked God to protect me from my enemies and then I started losing friends"

After two years of being out of college, I've realized one major lesson: the higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the smaller your support team gets.

As you grow, you learn to deal with the side eye and judgments of former friends. You learn that as your job title changes so will the title of your relationships with friends, family and even a significant others.

As sad as that might sound, it actually isn't all that bad. In life, any successful person knows that you have to lose certain things in order to gain. That being said, it comes with the territory when friends that you use to go out with all the time now avoids you because they feel that you are "bougie". It comes with the territory when family members don't speak to you anymore because you didn't give them the $500 to pay their rent.

So, I challenge everyone to embrace their loses and focus on their growth. Everything happens for a reason so keep your head up and watch your stock rise! :-)

And for the people who are mad at you because you are growing, decidate this song to them and let them know you appreciate their time :-)



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